ABC's of Real Estate (Most common terms)

Do you want to "talk the talk" about real estate? Dive into the ABC's of real estate right here. I will cover the most commonly used terms in real estate. Click the button below!

The Timeline of a Transaction

They say timing is everything! It's certainly true in real estate. Use the button below to view a realistic time line of listing a home for sale or purchasing a new home. 

When should I make a move?

Lots of folks make this statement: "The best time to sell a home is in the Summer!" Do you know that without a shadow of a doubt? Take a look inside at the pros and cons of selling throughout the year in Michigan. 

Appraisals - Buyer's and Seller's Perspectives

Appraisals are a critical aspect of the home purchase.  They impact Buyer's and Seller's differently. Inside this article I will discuss what an appraisal is, how it impacts both parties, and how to write an offer or accept an offer while keeping the appraisal in mind. 

Earnest Money deposit

An earnest money deposit, also known as EMD or good faith deposit. What is it? What's the purpose? What's a recommended amount? Find out within